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Name: laura
Age: seventeen
Gender: female
Movies: almost famous, thirteen, pretty in pink, alice in wonderland,
Music (name bands): thursday, the used, death cab for cutie, pink floyd, the mars volta, my chemical romance, taking back sunday, the vermicous knid, the yeah yeah yeahs
TV: family guy, futurama
Style: my style changes constantly.
Do you create any form of art? yes :D i <3 photography and i paint.

Opinion Questions (tell us your opinion on these subjects)
Anarchy: i understand why lots of people are for anarchy, but without some sort of leader our world would be so dysfunctional.
Gay Marriage: i think if u love someone you should be able to express that love through marriage, it shouldnt matter if your gay or not.
Politics, Republican, Democrat, the other ones: to be honest, i dont understand politics whatsoever.
Religion: i dont practise a religion, but im not against it. if thats what you want to believe then go for it, just dont impose it on me.
Censorship: people should be able to say what they want. if you dont like it, dont listen. that easy.
Abortion: depends on the situation. personally i disagree with it because if your not ready to have that baby then you shouldnt have had sex in the first place. if it was under uncontrolable circumstances then thats a differnt story.
Art: i live for art. i couldnt live without it.
Drugs: people can do what you want. im not against it, but im not for it either. personally i dont do them, but i dont knock down people who do them. some of the best music and art has come from people who did drugs.
Animal Rights: i support animal rights. im not quite a vegetarian, i only eat chicken.
Poodle Training: no.

i have a book of quotes from movies, books, things people say and heres one from alice in wonderland.

"But i don't want to go amoung mad people, " Alice remarked.
"oh you can help that," said the cat; "we're all mad here. im mad. you're mad."
"how do you know im mad?" said alice.
"you must be," said the cat, "or you wouldnt have come here."

me and the boyfriend.
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