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Age: 15 but 16 soon
Gender: female
Movies: LA confidential, the shawshank redemption, ghost world, pulp fiction, the italian job (the original)
Music (name bands): le tigre, bikini kill, bratmobile, dead kennedys, ramones, pixies, garbage, sleater kinney
TV: without a trace, apart from that i dont really have anything i acctually watch for entertainment value
Style: it varies, sometimes i wear bright skirts+and tops with fishnets and do cool stuff to my hair other times just jeans and a t-shirt depends what is clean really
Do you create any form of art? I used to write poetry a lot but I haven't really written in ages, sometimes i sketch drawings but nothing serious

Opinion Questions (tell us your opinion on these subjects)
Anarchy: I don't think it would work, people need rules of some kind or things just go crazy
Gay Marriage: Love is really hard to find why should it matter if who you find it with is the same gender as you.
Politics, Republican, Democrat, the other ones: I haven't really settled on any political party yet, but if i had to decide now democrat(even though i am British).
Religion: I don't know if there is a God I am a person who likes making up there mind by looking at facts rather then faith.
ship: Most kids know how to swear anyway so what is the point in censorship.
Abortion: I don't think I would have one (unless of extreme circumstances, touch wood etc) but i shouldn't be allowed to make up other people's minds so I am pro-choice.
Art: I love art in all forms, I just wish I was better at it.
Drugs: Highly addictive harmful drugs should never be legalized, but lesser ones maybe should be legal but i don't really know all the facts so not sure.
Animal Rights: They feel pain just like us I dont see why they should have to suffer so we can have new make-up. Medicines can be different because they actaully help, but it is still wrong only in a slightly different way to make-up testing.

I can peel bananas with my feet. More an interesting/gross fact than cool...but still.

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